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7 Of Swords Meaning: Easy Story Memory Trick

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7 Of swords Meaning

easy storytelling memory trick

This is the second chapter in the swords story that started with the ace of swords meaning

This technique allows you to bypass the daunting task of memorizing intricate details and instead taps into the power of storytelling to deeply connect with the essence and symbolism of each card. By weaving a narrative that follows the journey of a protagonist through the Tarot’s archetypal landscape, you can effortlessly absorb the core meanings of the cards and their transformative messages. 

This storytelling approach is not only quick and efficient but also highly effective, as it engages your imagination and intuition, enabling you to grasp the essence of the Tarot and apply it to your own life’s experiences. Embrace the storytelling trick and embark on a thrilling adventure through the Tarot’s rich tapestry of symbolism and wisdom, leaving the burden of rote memorization behind and embracing the power of intuitive understanding.

Each card has it’s own chapter in a story that travels from the ace through 10 (with the court characters intertwined to enhance the story as it progresses). Join us for the easy way to remember tarot meanings in a way that lets you make each card your own…

Quick Storytelling journey

7 Of swords Meaning: The story continues

Continued from the ace of swords meaning here.

The calm that Maggie had found was, unfortunately, short-lived. The Seven of Swords showed itself, a symbol of deceit, strategy, and resourcefulness. Maggie couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread as she realized that her battle was far from over.

News of her case had made its way to the press, and the headlines were abuzz with speculations and theories. Among the chaos, one thing was clear: someone was trying to undermine her work. Evidence was being questioned, her credibility was under attack, and there was a sense of deceit hanging in the air.

The Seven of Swords echoed in her mind as she saw the threads of deceit weaving their way through her carefully built case. Someone was trying to steal away her victory, to undermine her efforts. But Maggie was not one to back down.

She realized that she needed to be strategic, to outwit the person who was trying to sabotage her. She needed to be resourceful, to use her wits to protect her case. The Seven of Swords was not just a warning, but a call to action.

Maggie dove back into her investigation, this time not to gather evidence, but to protect it. She revisited her sources, double-checked her findings, and made sure everything was airtight. She was fighting a different battle this time, not against corruption, but against deceit.

Amidst the mounting challenges, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of a young intern at the police station, Sam. Sam was a criminology student, eager and full of questions – the embodiment of the Page of Swords. He was assigned to assist Maggie, and she saw potential in him, despite his lack of experience.

Sam was always asking questions, challenging the norm, and suggesting new angles to approach the case. His enthusiasm was infectious, and he was always ready to lend a hand, to learn, and to grow. He was curious and communicative, constantly brainstorming and coming up with new ideas to protect the case from the ongoing deceit.

His youthful energy and dedication reminded Maggie of her early days in the force, sparking a sense of nostalgia and a renewed determination within her. Sam’s fresh perspective and relentless curiosity often led them to uncover hidden details and connections that had previously been overlooked.

While Sam was learning from Maggie, she, too, learned from him. She was reminded of the importance of curiosity, of questioning, and of clear communication. She remembered that every situation, no matter how dire, could be approached from a new angle, a different perspective. Together, they formed a formidable team, their shared determination and unique perspectives strengthening their fight against corruption.

With Sam by her side, Maggie navigated the deceit and underhanded tactics with renewed vigor. The Page of Swords was not just an assistant but a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of curiosity, communication, and fresh ideas in the face of adversity.

At the same time, she reached out to her contacts in the press, giving them the true account of her investigation, and countering the false narratives that were being spread. She fought the deceit with truth, using her resourcefulness and strategy to protect her case.

The Seven of Swords taught Maggie a valuable lesson. It reminded her that in the face of deceit and underhanded tactics, one must rely on their resourcefulness and strategy. It taught her that the fight against corruption was not just about confronting it, but also about protecting the truth, about outwitting those who wished to undermine it.

Maggie faced the deceit head-on, her determination unwavering. She was not just a detective, she was a guardian of truth, a warrior against deceit. And she would not let the swords be stolen away. She would fight, she would protect, and she would outwit those who dared to undermine her. For she was guided by the Seven of Swords, a symbol of her resourcefulness, her strategy, and her unwavering determination.

After the 7 of Swords Meaning

The next chapter after the 7 of swords meaning starts with the 8 of Swords meaning here.

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