Emotional Decisions

Emotional Decisions: Are your instincts better or worse under stress?

STRESS, INTUITION, AND EMOTIONAL DECISIONS Discovering How They Shape Our Ability To Make Good Choices It’s a commonly held belief that we should avoid stress and embrace the natural ebb and flow of emotions like sadness. However, the relationship between stress, intuition, and emotions is more complex than it appears. In this article, we’ll explore

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Insight & Intuition

Intuitive Wisdom Unveiled insight & Intuition Tapping into Your Inner Vision and Sensing the World Around You Intuition and insight are two powerful tools that help us navigate the complexities of life. Often confused, these concepts are distinct yet interconnected aspects of our mental processes. Intuition is the act of sensing, while insight is the

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tarot games

Tarot Games & Intution

Intuitive Wisdom Unveiled tarot games & intuition Unlocking the Power of Tarot and Games to Sharpen Your Intuition and Decision-Making Skills The mystical art of tarot has long been associated with intuition, offering insights and guidance in matters of life, love, and personal growth. Tarot enthusiasts have found value in tapping into their intuition to

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Improving Intuition through games

Improving Intuition Through Games

Mastering the Game Improving intuition through games How Intuition Guides Players in the Digital Age A New Gaming Era   In the late 90s, IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer defeated world chess champion, Gary Kasparov, while two decades later, DeepMind’s AlphaGo stunned the Go community by outsmarting the best human players. These landmark events showcase the

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The Power of Intuition

The Power of Intuition

The Power of Intuition Uncovering the Hidden Processes and its Impact on Decision-Making and Creativity Intuition is a powerful yet elusive aspect of human cognition. Often referred to as a “gut feeling,” intuition helps us make decisions quickly and confidently, even when we lack the time or resources for a more thorough analysis. In this

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celtic cross meaning

Celtic Cross Meaning

Celtic Cross Meaning The Origin & Today’s Interpretations The Celtic Cross is a well-known symbol with deep historical and cultural significance. It has roots in Celtic mythology and represents various aspects of Celtic spirituality and symbolism. However, the term “Celtic Cross” in the context of the tarot spread does not have direct historical ties to

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