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TarotAnd.com is a carefully curated affiliate website that offers a variety of tarot card bundles and related products tailored to meet the unique needs of tarot enthusiasts. Our aim is to provide valuable resources and recommendations to help individuals find the perfect tarot set or accessory to enhance their tarot journey. 


We know from personal experience it can be hard to figure out what you need: that’s why we all have tons of stuff in our Amazon carts trying to figure out if we really need/want something. TarotAnd.com aims to make your tarot journey easier by creating carefully crafted sets that will get you started on your tarot journey quickly, with things you will love for a long time!

We offer a diverse range of tarot bundles and products, such as Beginner Tarot Sets, Tarot and Astrology, Tarot for Travel, Tarot and Incense Sets, and more. These sets may include items like instructional books, tarot cards with intuitive imagery, training wheels for tarot reading, tarot journals, and other related accessories.

As an affiliate website, we provide links to our recommended products, which are available for purchase through third-party online retailers. When you click on a product link, you will be redirected to the retailer’s website, where you can complete your purchase. 


Clicking on our links will NEVER COST YOU A CENT MORE. In fact, we can save you money because we try to find products that are a real value! Affiliate links are a way Amazon and other huge retailers get more eyes on their sites. Honestly, the commissions are usually pennies to us and the retailers are still the big winners here but we try to give you good value by choosing only the best products regardless of the commisssion they offer. 

We thoroughly research and handpick all products featured on our website, ensuring they meet our high standards for quality, value, and relevance to tarot enthusiasts. We only recommend products that we genuinely believe will enhance your tarot experience and contribute to your personal growth. 


Many of these are products we have personally purchased. We also NEVER recommend products for a fee so we maintain our integrity in bringing you products we believe in too. Many of these are products we have purchased with our own money so we know they are great recommendations.

TarotAnd.com is a free resource for anyone interested in tarot and related products. We sometimes earn a small commission from the third-party retailers when you make a purchase through our affiliate links, at no additional cost to you. This helps us maintain the website and continue to provide valuable content and recommendations and we sincerely appreciate it any time you click our links and buy. If you want to know more about the amazon affiliate program you can follow this link

Our blog features a wide range of engaging and informative articles covering both basic and advanced tarot topics. We aim to provide valuable insights, tips, and guidance to help you deepen your understanding of tarot and enhance your personal practice. We’re not just copying generic tarot info into our blog. We try to incorporate current events and scientific advances into our discussions to make this the best tarot resource out there!

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Yes, we welcome suggestions from our community! If you have a product or topic you’d like us to consider, please contact us at hello@TarotAnd.com. We appreciate your input and will carefully review your recommendations.


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