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Embrace the power of a free tarot reading by learning to read your own cards with FREE tarot meaning lessons and our carefully selected tarot bundles and resources designed for every tarot enthusiast. 

Learning tarot does not have to be hard. Our methods take you through each card’s meaning in an easy-to-remember way that unleashes your own intuition and tell you what you need to know. 

We also provide curated collections tailored to your unique interests and passions, helping you quickly achieve real and accurate results by connecting with your subconscious without all the tarot gimmics that just cost you time and money.

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Self-Empowerment Through Tarot

The Best Free Tarot Reading Is the One You Give Yourself!

Discover Tarot, Discover Yourself

At TarotAnd.com, we empower you to conduct your own tarot readings. Unlock your potential and inner wisdom – all for FREE!

Stories Over Struggle

Forget complex card meanings. Dive into engaging tarot tales that make learning a breeze.


Be Your Own Guide

Break free from relying on others. Our narrative approach helps you personally resonate with the cards.

Start Your Tarot Journey Today

Unlock tarot mysteries and begin your enlightening self-guided journey.

Welcome to TarotAnd.com, where the best free tarot reading is the one you give yourself.

Experience the thrill of our Daily Tarot Draw! We’ve created a special system that gives you a unique tarot related item to discover every day. This helps you truly absorb and reflect on each tarot piece at a time, deepening your tarot journey. Come back daily for your personal draw!

Try This Free Random Tarot Generator If You struggle to remember card meanings

Test your quick-draw card knowledge or learn new (FREE) tarot memory techniques.

Uncover a new tarot insight every day with our Daily Tarot Card Generator! To enhance your learning and connection with tarot, we limit to one revealing draw per day. Make it a ritual, and discover something new about tarot and yourself each day!

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Why Choose Tarot&

At TarotAnd.com, we combine the mystical allure of tarot with a modern, accessible approach. We strive to create an engaging, welcoming space for everyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or tarot experience. Our expertly crafted bundles make it easy to explore tarot’s transformative power to communicate with the subconscious, find meaning in meditation, and develop your intuition with affordable options

We believe the ultimate free Tarot reading is the one you perform yourself


Tarot readings are not something only special people can do. Everyone is intuitive. You just have to learn to communicate effectively with your intution.

What most people don’t realize is intution (like the rest of your subconscious – including dreams) are all about symbols. That’s why tarot works. It talks in symbols just like your intuition. 

Building a conversation with your intuition is easier than you think. Our approach is to use tools that build your vocabulary to talk to your intuition, not depend on memorizing alot of written meanings (but yes, the meanings help you too). 

Unlock the power of a free tarot reading by learning to read your own cards with our handpicked tarot bundles and resources. Discover how tarot can empower and transform your life by visiting our blog for interesting insights about tarot, unique ways to use it, and intriguing discussions on all things mystical and scientific.

Begin your journey into the world of a free tarot reading any time you want – on any subject – with TarotAnd.com and unlock the secrets of your subconscious on demand.


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This has opened up a whole new world for me. Incorporating tarot to get my clients to work on intuition and make better decisions has really helped my clients boost confidence and feel more empowered. The high priestess bundle was perfect as it took a non spiritual approach to tarot as a tool to work with the subconscious. I can't recommend enough!
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free tarot reading

More Than
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Tarot & IncenseTarot has long been assoicated with mystics and fortune tellers but the real reason it has stayed popular for hundreds of years is that it can work for anyone! Whether you are looking for a meditation tool, want to get in touch with your subconscious or intuition or if are looking to take control of your own life and want to be your own fortune teller, Tarot can help you too! Follow our TAROT& blog for interesting insights about tarot, how you can use it in unique ways and interesting discussions on all things mystical and scientific. 

Don’t depend on others for a free tarot reading when the best free tarot reading you can get is the one you give yourself!