INCENSE TO Elevate Your Spiritual & tAROT PracticeS


Are you seeking to deepen your spiritual practice and connect with your inner self?

 Tarot and incense are powerful tools to help you unlock your intuition and tap into the mysteries of the universe. Our tarot and incense bundle offers everything you need to elevate your spiritual practice and connect with the divine.

The Power of Scents in Your Spiritual Practice

Incense has the power to elevate your spiritual practice and deepen your connection with the divine. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, our bundle provides a variety of tools to enhance your practice and help you tap into the mysteries of the universe.

Enhance Your Tarot Practice with Incense: Discover the Power of Aromatic Rituals

Unlock Deeper Insights and a Meditative State with the Proven Benefits of Incense

Incense has long been recognized for its ability to induce a meditative state and create a calming atmosphere. Scientific studies have shown that certain incense types, such as Palo Santo, can have real anti-inflammatory effects. By incorporating incense into your Tarot practice, you can elevate your experience and tap into deeper levels of intuition. Here are some steps to help you create a meaningful ritual with incense:

Choose Your Incense:
Select an incense type that resonates with you and your Tarot practice. Palo Santo, sage, frankincense, and sandalwood are popular choices, but any scent you enjoy can offer unique benefits as well. Consider the specific energy and properties you wish to bring to your Tarot readings and select an incense accordingly.

Set Your Intention:
Before lighting your incense, take a moment to set a clear intention for your Tarot reading. This could be a question you want to explore, a feeling you want to evoke, or a goal you want to achieve. Focus on this intention as you light the incense, allowing its scent to reinforce your purpose.

Cleanse Your Space:
As the incense burns, use its smoke to cleanse your reading area. This can help remove any negative or stagnant energy, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for your Tarot practice. Move the incense around the room, focusing on corners and any areas where energy may feel stagnant.

Cleanse Your Tarot Deck:
Pass your Tarot deck through the incense smoke to cleanse and recharge the cards. This can help release any lingering energies from previous readings and ensure your deck is ready for a new session.

Meditate with Incense:
Once your space and deck are cleansed, sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. Allow the incense’s fragrance to fill your senses and guide you into a meditative state. Focus on your breath and your intention, letting go of any distracting thoughts or worries.

Begin Your Tarot Reading:
Now that you have created a calming and focused atmosphere, proceed with your Tarot reading. As you draw and interpret the cards, allow the incense’s scent to help you remain centered and connected to your intuition.

Reflect and Give Thanks:
After your reading, take some time to reflect on the insights and messages you received. Express gratitude for the guidance and wisdom, and consider how you can integrate these lessons into your daily life.

Incorporating incense into your Tarot practice can have a powerful impact on your ability to connect with your intuition and achieve a meditative state. By following these steps and creating a meaningful incense ritual, you can elevate your Tarot experience and unlock deeper insights on your journey of self-discovery.

Ceramic Backflow Incense Burner Waterfall

Our bundle includes a ceramic backflow incense burner waterfall, offering a relaxing and meditative addition to your tarot practice. This dual-functionality burner is compatible with both incense cones and sticks, providing versatile usage. The set comes with jasmine, lavender, rose, green tea, apple, sandalwood, and osmanthus cones, 120 quality incense cones, 30 incense sticks, 1 incense holder, and 1 protective pad. The ceramic backflow burner is crafted by hand and creates a unique and mysterious waterfall smoke effect.

Looking for something unique?

Whether you’re treating someone else or indulging yourself, this exquisite brass incense-making kit speaks volumes. Skillfully crafted, it transforms the creation of incense into a contemplative and introspective experience.

Sage Lavender Candle

Looking for an incense alternative? A Sage Lavender Candle is infused with essential oils and offers sage smudging benefits. This item is made with soy wax so this candle burns cleaner and provides a refreshing and purifying scent.

Premium Organic California White Sage

For those seeking purification and cleansing benefits, we offer premium organic California White Sage, made in the USA. This bundle of 3 sticks is approximately 3-4 inches long and 1 inch wide, perfect for use in meditation or to fragrance your space.

Palo Santo Sticks from Peru

We also offer Palo Santo sticks from Peru, sustainably harvested and used to uplift mood, strengthen vitality, creativity, and aid in protection.

Simple & Elegant Palo Santo Holder

Our Simple & Elegant Palo Santo Holder allows you to safely burn palo santo without ash worries. This handmade holder has a sturdy design, making it a perfect addition to your spiritual practice.

Aromatherapy Options

Take your meditation to a whole new level with the scent, mist and color change this great little device can bring.  Compact and powerful, this  aromatherapy tool is perfect for any space.  Made from PP material, it releases a comfortable stream of room-temperature mist, while its relaxing mood light with 8 soothing colors is great for creating atmosphere or using as a night light. 

Comprehensive Tarot and Incense Recommendations

Our tarot and incense recommendations are designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for your journey into the world of tarot and incense by recommending quality over quantity. If you feel we’ve missed something essential, please let us know at, and we’ll consider adding it to our list. 

Elevate your practice and unlock the power of tarot and incense today!

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