how to read tarot cards

How to read tarot cards intuitively

Unleashing the Power of Your Intuition

Have you ever wondered how some tarot readers seem to effortlessly provide insightful answers without referring to guidebooks? It’s because they have honed their intuitive abilities, allowing them to interpret the cards based on their inner wisdom. It’s really not hard. here we are going to explore how to read tarot cards intuitively and discover how you can tap into your own intuition for profound and personalized readings.

How to Read Tarot Cards To Embrace Your Intuition

Connecting with the Cards

Imagine you’re holding a card from the tarot deck. As you gaze at its intricate imagery, resist the urge to rush over and grab a book to read the traditional card meaning. Instead, take a deep breath and allow yourself to be fully present with the card. Notice any impressions or sensations that arise within you. Perhaps the High Priestess card evokes a sense of mystery or intuition or you feel like something is lost and hidden and you can’t quite touch something – like a word on the tip of your tongue you can’t quite remember. Don’t try to figure it out. Embrace these feelings without judgment—they are the whispers of your intuition guiding you and trying to tell you something you don’t yet have the vocabulary to understand. Accept and know you are building that vocabulary to get better at this every time you try.

Trust Your Feelings

how to read tarot cards to Embrace Emotional Resonance

Understanding the symbolic language of tarot requires trusting your feelings. As you explore each card, pay attention to your emotional responses. For instance, if the Ace of Pentacles triggers a knot in your stomach or a sudden surge of anxiety, don’t dismiss these sensations. They are valuable cues from your intuition, signaling potential financial concerns or opportunities that may be connected to the card. It’s pretty well known the Ace of Pentacles means money. But money could mean a winning lottery ticket or co-signing a loan for someone you probably shouldn’t trust. There are nuances to every card that your intution will help you discover  and that’s what you are learning to develop. 

Now, let’s delve deeper into your emotional landscape. When exploring each card, pay close attention to the feelings that arise within you. For instance, the Ten of Swords may evoke a sense of discomfort or unease. Don’t dismiss these sensations; they are vital clues from your intuition. But don’t try to make sense of them either. 

When engaging in tarot card readings, it’s vital to understand the dynamic between your conscious and subconscious minds. These two facets of your being cannot operate simultaneously, and it’s essential not to let your conscious mind take the reins. The purpose of working with the tarot is to tap into the depths of your intuition, which transcends categorization and classification. If you find yourself naming and categorizing every aspect of the cards, you are allowing your conscious mind to dominate. However, your primary objective is to open up to the vast wellspring of information your subconscious mind holds. By quieting the conscious mind and allowing the subconscious to guide you, you gain access to insights that have not yet reached your conscious awareness. In this delicate dance between the conscious and subconscious, you will uncover the true power and wisdom of the tarot.

how to read tarot cards

Silence Your Logical Mind

how to read tarot cards Without judgement

It’s time to quiet the chatter of your logical mind. Instead of analyzing the cards intellectually, allow your subconscious to take the lead. Observe how the imagery resonates with you personally. For example, when you encounter the Tower card, depicting a crumbling structure, you may sense a connection to a recent major life change. Trust your inner guidance as it weaves the threads of symbolism, inviting you to explore the card’s deeper meaning beyond its surface-level interpretations.

But letting fear take hold is also letting your conscious mind take control and worry about the future. Instead, focus on just taking in impressions. While the Tower can seem alarming on the surface, your intution may tell you that sometimes one thing has to end before another can begin. 

The Tower card or any potentially unsettling imagery in the tarot, it’s crucial to navigate beyond the grip of fear and the tendencies of the conscious mind to worry about the future. Instead, focus on embracing the impressions that arise. While the Tower may initially seem alarming, your intuition may guide you to perceive it as a symbol of necessary transformation—a catalyst for growth and rebirth. 

When learning how to read tarot cards you need to allow yourself to absorb these impressions without succumbing to the conscious mind’s inclination to classify the Tower as mere fear and danger. By quieting the conscious mind’s need for instant categorization, you create space for deeper insights and profound understanding to emerge. Trust your intuition as it unravels the layers of symbolism and reveals the hidden wisdom within the cards.

the high priestess

Interpret the Symbols

how to read tarot cards without a book

Intuition speaks through symbols, just like in dreams. As you delve deeper into the cards, pay attention to the symbols and images that resonate with you personally. Intution, like dreams, speaks in symbols. A dream about losing your teeth is about a loss of control, not a need for the dentist. Likewise, a card evoking thoughts of an amusement park and feelings of fear may symbolize financial anxiety and a loss of control rather than a literal connection to an amusement park. Trust these symbolic messages as they provide profound insights beyond the surface-level interpretations.

Symbols are the language of intuition, offering rich and multifaceted messages. As you explore how to read tarot cards, pay attention to the symbols that captivate your attention. For instance, the Moon card’s image of a winding path beneath a crescent moon may evoke a sense of mystery or hidden knowledge. This symbol resonates uniquely with you, hinting at the need for trust and intuition as you navigate uncertain situations. Embrace these personal connections and let your intuition unveil the profound insights held within the symbols.

These symbols will be small at first. You are still learning to develop a conversation with your intution so it is trying to figure out what you will understand. Impressions will become stronger and more consistent over time, so practice is key. Again, you are not really learning how to read tarot cards exactly; you are learning the language of your intiution, and it takes time to master any new language. 

Listening Without Judgment

how to read tarot cards to build skills

Listening to your intuition requires an open mind free from judgment. Avoid dismissing or analyzing your intuitive impressions as illogical or nonsensical. Instead, approach them with curiosity and acceptance. The quickest way to shut down your intution is to edit your impressions saying “that makes no sense.” You should never say that to yourself in a reading. Just take in the impressions in the momment and know your intution is trying to communicate with you as much as you are trying to communicate with it. 

When you start to recognize insights as valuable, now, 10 minutes from now or 10 days from now, your intution will know it got through and try to give you more. This is a process that is unique to each individual, and your interpretations may differ from traditional meanings. When learning how to read tarot cards the single more important step is to embrace this personal connection to your own intution and and value the insights that emerge!

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